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1. Pricing of the products- There are very few pharmacies, either online or at physical locations, that can match the discounts we offer. At Isrameds.com, we believe in providing quality, affordable customer care. The prices we offer on drugs are almost fifty percent less than any other store. Even the best American pharmacies can’t match our pricing and service.


2. The quality of our products- Many companies import drugs from third-world developing countries and resell them at inflated prices to make a hefty profit. We believe our customers deserve the highest standard of quality at an affordable price. From fertility medications to drugs that can be used to fight off cancer, we have always tried to ensure our customers get their money’s worth and more. The medicines we offer are packaged in tamper-proof blister packs to ensure preservation, and are produced by some of the best known companies in the world, like Atra-Zeneca, Bristol-Myers squibb, GlaxoWellcome and Teva.


3. Our reputation- There are many companies that will sell you anything to make a profit, but we here at Isrameds have spent years building a reputation for quality. Our team of professionals, including doctors, pharmacists and customer service executives work together to ensure that our products and customer service live up to our reputation for quality. The Israeli doctors on the panel of professionals cross-check every detail before the prescription is handed over to the pharmacists for distribution.


At Isrameds.com, we consider it a matter of great pride and honor to be given a chance to provide service to customers all around the world at affordable rates. Isrameds is a licensed Israeli pharmacy approved by the strict rules set by the Israeli ministry of health. Due to our continuing success as a company doing business worldwide, there are competitors who try to discredit us by falsely advertising Isrameds as a scam or fake online pharmacy. Clearly, this is not the case. We have been licensed for over 30 years in Israel and are approved to sell and distribute medications online by the Israeli ministry of health. We are only able to accept valid prescriptions, and we use branded and top-grade generic medications from Teva and other leading manufacturers. Our strict quality assurance controls cover every step, from the client’s first contact until the medication reaches their doorstep.


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